Deep Space Dreamland

Love Poetry

Deep Space Dreamland

Staring off into the darkness of space,

I remember his lips as they puckered up.

Subconciously teasing me, entertaining

my now racing mind as I dream of his eyes.

dancing across a darkened room,

two round eyes stare into my soul.

My heart lets out a gentle flutter,

losing control of it's secret love.

My soul remains drowning in the sea

of passion he has created in my mind.

Where he continues to taunt me,

floating throughout my dreamland.

Whispering sweet nothings into my ear

as he passes by, hidden between shadows.

Leaving me with only a prayer and a smile

to captivate my already tortured mind.

Sweet memories of his lips pressed up

against mine, keep me dreaming all night.

Promises of passion to ignite, have me

holding him closer in my arms.

His smile as he stares deep inside my soul,

melts my heart in a mere second of a glance.

Faded memories seem to die on my lips as I am

consumed by the love burning inside of me.

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