Lost Within A Dream

Love Poetry

Lost Within A Dream

My heart lies in wait beside the pit of despair,

the flames taunting my hopes into misery.

Closing my eyes, I escape from this sorrow,

pleading with the gods to place me by your side.

I stand at the feet of Aphrodite,  goddess of love,

offering up my soul for another moment with him.

To feel the warmth of his arms around me tight,

as I seem lost with a dream that only we can create.

Wanting my eyes to fall upon the eyes that consume

the fire that continuously burns deep within my heart.

Rip the still beating heart from within my chest,

and lay it down gently at the feet of his throne.

My heart aches for another moment of happiness,

that I may drown within the confines of his soul.

To once again reach out and touch the stars that

lay scattered within the deepest parts of his eyes.

Upon a clouded dream we will once again float

away, back to the world we created for eachother.

Wanting the smile to gain it's control over my face

as I get lost within your enchanting eyes of love.

Dreaming of better times as I lay shattered on

the side street of a broken life I once held on to.

My hands wrapped around the spike between us,

with all my might, I try to rip it from it's new place.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

well done..this is a good poem with rich idea...like it and impressive..hope you go through my poems to let me know your comments too...