Forsaken Soul

Depressed Poetry

Forsaken Soul

Scars dance across my soul,

burning my hopes and dreams.

Afraid to feel the touch of

new love caress my old bruises.

Longing to rebuild what a past

has crumbled into nothingness.

Darkness blinds me from the stars,

that used to guide me through life.

Lost the words that spoke only

to enlighten his soul with love.

Drowning in my own emptiness,

crowded with these dying dreams.

Tears spilling over my cheeks,

trying to cleanse an aching soul.

Memories never cease to burn,

ripping their way into your heart.

Consumed in trying to forget them,

the bruises cascading down my soul.

Shredding away the innocence,

scrapping the love from my heart.

Loneliness, my only company,

forcing more tears from my eyes.

Buried amongst all the pain,

dragging itself against my skin.

Etching emptiness across my face,

give up on all your lost faith.

Holding on to nothing forever,

losing sight between dreams and reality.

Pain and tears of sorrow

twisted into this empty fate.

6 feet under the dead ground,

death comes with all the memories.

Shattering your soul to pieces,

scattered across the gates of hell.

Forever to burn in loneliness,

corrupted heart, forsaken in life.

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