Unforgetable Eyes

Love Poetry

Unforgetable Eyes

Bathed in the glow of moonlight,

engulf by your arms around me.

Feeling at peace in heaven,

I stand, lost within your eyes.

Your past, present and future

pouring themselves deep into my soul.

Love overflowing out your lids,

cascading down your gentle face.

Piercing through my delicate heart,

taking hold of it's love for you.

Placing it deep inside of your soul,

to feel it burning forever inside.

The torch never willing to blow out,

fate feeding it our endless love.

Granting an eternity to surround us,

holding us together in our harmony.

A crown of silver and beautiful jewels,

placed upon your head for all to see.

The love flows throughout my veins,

as a crown of gold appears on my head.

We've been given a dream come true,

this wondrous place, now our reality.

Our kingdom of love seeking souls,

existing all within your brown eyes.

Every moment that ever shattered your

heart in a million pieces, cutting me deeply.

Watching as you pick yourself up every time,

still holding inside of your heart, hope.

Dreaming of a love that exceeds all others,

someone who will always stand by your side.

Your own piece of heaven on earth,

all that you see when you look inside of me.

Feeling the flutter of your heart,

as you hold my hand within your own.

Love overpowering your soul at long last,

true as it is deep, binding your heart to mine.

A single tear finds its way down my cheek,

I feel my soul reaching out for your hand.

Bleeding from my heart, as I've just watched

the life you have led in both happiness and sorrow.

Turning away from your eyes for a moment,

as a kiss dances across your delicate lips.

Heart pounding, letting go of a moment so deep,

your eyes consumed every ounce of my love.

And burned your soul deep into memory,

never allowing me to forget you.

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