Dying Butterfly (dedication)

Depressed Poetry

***Dedicated to Jena***

Inching closer to the end of existance,

upon the wings of a dying butterfly.

Beauty failing to shine

.Rusted heart.

Within darkness,

her eyes are lost.

Trapped within.

no escape,

limited air.

Pray for miracle,

that you freeze inside.

Hoping to be lost forever,

from a world that doesn't understand.

The chilling grip of death,

more inviting

then a broken heart.

The weight of emptiness

: pushing :

her deep into a lonely grave.


comfort her soul,

damaged inside.

Dreaming of her

.secret. love.

Longing for a touch

of his embrace.

to save a soul,

lost in darkness.

trapped within


Screaming for salvation,

the endless flow of tears.

Drowning in her sorrow,

giving up the fight for life.

: Dying Inside :

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