Waiting Forever

Love Poetry

It seems like years ago,

my heart lay shattered in my hands.

My world ripped apart,

by that so-called first love.

I gave up my everything,

just to be with him.

Watching there as he slowly,

tore my soul to pieces.

So many tears fell,

in the name of first love.

Picked myself up,

and walked out that door.

Since then I've thrown myself,

given up my heart to others.

Still couldnt find the answer,

the one who wouldnt hurt me.  

Left here only to expect the worst,

from every person I care about.

Never expecting anything less,

then another heartbreak.

But now today, I think I have it,

the love that will complete my soul.

Just looking into his eyes,

this feeling overpowers my world.

I'm finally drowning in true love,

something so pure, its magical.

Theres no sorrow floating in the air,

only a new smile to light up my face.

Dreams use to seem so distant,

but thats beginning to change.

Everythings coming together,

my destiny has found me.

My heart is complete.

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