With A Cry of The Heart

Love Poetry

I feel my heart beating in my chest,

one name it cries out to hold.

The love of my life,

the man in all of my dreams.

Walls come crashing down,

I open up my heart for him.

Craving to embrace this angel,

that has captivated my soul.

Too many years I've waited,

for my true love to find me.

Now as the moment has arrived,

my body is overwhelmed by joy.

In his eyes I see the forever

that I've always wanted to know.

In my heart I feel the love,

that I've always wanted to share.

His smile to be the sun,

to light up every shadow in my world.

No more darkness for the past

to creep inside and hide.

Hands to touch and caress,

every inch of my soul.

Warming my heart by the second,

as his love flows through.

Promises of the truest love,

heard in whispers of the wind.

Wishes granted by the stars,

love after all the torture.

My dreams always come true,

when I stand beside his heart.

Finally found a love to last,

through every up and down spiral.

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