Dreams Burn Alive With Hope

Love Poetry

I feel no need to dance tonight,

because I am so lost without you.

Drowning in my deepest sorrows,

blurring my vision with pain.

Holding on to a small memory,

of how your voice calms me.

Reminding myself over again,

that you truely love me.

That farewell was not forever,

only for a short time of my life.

Still everynight I hold you in my dreams,

and keep you alive in my heart.

Praying that this pain vanishes quickly,

so I may once again feel the love.

My heart seems to have frozen,

because of those nights all alone.

But trapped inside I still have you,

waiting patiently to return my heart to life.

Overcome all of the tears,

show me how to smile again.

An image burned into my eyes,

I gaze upon each night.

That picture I've always kept of you,

only this time I'm in your arms.

Longing to feel your touch,

gracefully sliding across my skin.

Dreaming of your beautiful lips,

passionately pressed up against mine.

I'll keep waiting for you darling,

I'd wait until the end of time.

Praying with all of my broken heart,

to hold you within my arms some night.

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