Fly Forth FromThe Shadows

Love Poetry

Tears overflow the hollow space of my eyes,

my knight has vanished from sight.

I wait long into the end of each day,

crying out to his soul, return to me my love.

I promised him my heart for all of time,

sitting here waiting for him to claim his prize.

Jump out of the dark shadows between us,

and rescue this lonely heart of mine.

Wipe the tears from my stained cheeks,

with a gentle touch of your finger.

Grab hold of the love I keep inside for you,

with a simple devotion of your heart to mine.

Wrap your fingers around my own,

feel the love burning deep inside of me.

Lay us both down in a field of love,

allow me to give myself completely to you.

Hold me deep within your grasp,

whispering promises in eachothers ears.

Dreams of forever together with love,

finally come true after all this time alone.

Hold me close to your heart my love,

remember that you swore you'd never let go.

Allow the tears to flow from my eyes,

this joy becoming too much to keep inside.

Let me stare deep into your soul at long last,

so I may see and feel the love you have for me.

Making all of our deepest dreams,

finally become our true reality.

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