Dry Away The Screams

Depressed Poetry

Songs of a broken heart fly,

to fall upon deaf ears once more.

Teardrops glide across a cheek,

only to fade away on this page.

Emptiness consumes the soul,

once filled with innocence.

Tragedies come and go

with the change of the tides.

Lives are lost every single day,

left behind, those who suffer alone.

Hope kept alive, by dreams of dry eyes,

and the comfort of loved ones.

While their hearts fall to pieces,

the soul carries on inside.

Even the deepest cuts can heal,

the blood we spill must dry.

Tomorrow brings with it,

another tear but also a smile.

Within each moment of sorrow,

a moment of joy is on it's way.

Mourn for the loss of this earth,

it's given up another dreamer.

Let their soul fly away to heaven,

with no more pain to survive.

Dry the tears that scream out loud,

and silence the cold wet cheeks.

Kiss away the broken hearts,

heal the holes ripped into our chest.

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