Drowning Into My Destiny

Love Poetry

Another calm wind sends me soaring

through the darkest of skies.

In a world of only chaos,

I seem to have found my peace.

Drifting through every cloud,

dancing upon all these stars.

Held tightly to my side,

there lies my truest lover.

An embrace that clutches

even the heart within my chest.

Beating faster come every

whistle of the trees blowing.

A million tiny dreams and thoughts

come to invade my precious mind.

Hoping once more to torment my soul,

forcing me to drop him to the earth below.

Not even the clouds can disrupt

what my eyes now glance upon.

Staring deeply into his eyes

knowing the love he feels inside.

My longing only grows stronger

as I fall further into my heart.

Allowing what would have to be

destiny, drown myself in his soul.

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