The Angel and My Savior

Love Poetry

(Dedicated to the one I love)

Drifting alone in sorrow,

holding on to my dreams.

Whispers of promises

where wishes come true.

Waiting for true love alone,

as the angel of love appears.

She tells me of a lost soul,

in need of a heart like mine.

Across the miles I wander,

to join this lonely man.

Through towns and cities,

over bridges, I travel alone.

Now standing at his doorstep,

gazing into his lovely brown eyes.

One look and I have fallen into

the deepest love I've ever known.

He speaks to me of the past,

broken hearts and endless tears.

I secretly admire him, for

having the will to survive so much.

My mind drifts to remembering

every day I've spent alone.

This lost soul before me,

has endured pain just like I have.

My angel of love appears at my side,

"This is the love you've waited so long for."

And into his arms, my heart leaps,

forever lost inside his soul.

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