Eternally Unrested

Depressed Poetry

Exhaling the last breath

I'll ever get to take.

Before my eyes,

my last sight,

the life I have led.

Lies, blood and tears,

is this what I lived for?

Falling into this eternal sleep,

with all the pain on my mind.

The last words that crossed your lips,

as the door closed on my face.

Trapped deep inside my heart

is the blood seeping from my soul.

The wounds have been so deep

clouding all my heart's desires.

Where there was once a love

there is now only regret,

past memories haunting me.

Could it ever truely be happiness

that lies in the future for me?

Or one more teardrop,

another rip in the fabric of my life.

To know the truth of it all,

I'm too afraid to wait and see.

Couldn't take another tear

it would just rip me apart.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I'm sorry my darling love

for this time I will not wake.

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