My Enchanting [Broken] Castle

Love Poetry

Haunted in the past by

my desires for true love.

I have achieved my goal,

standing beside my angel.

His face forever engraved

within the chambers of my heart.

As we take the leap of lovers,

fusing together both body and soul.

The trembling cries of dark nights,

have ceased to torment my dreams.

Watching soulmates bound forever,

with eternity dancing on my mind.

My struggle to allow love

to craddle my broken heart.

Tonight this all must end,

the torture has ceased to exist.

I open my heart to devotion,

my soul pleads to caress you.

I have waited on this island,

for what I've never known..

Waiting for the tranquility

to soothe my tired spirit.

Waiting for my angel of the night,

to rescue his lonely princess.

Our castle may not have the gold,

and my knight lacks his armor.

But here in this wondrous place

he still treats me as his queen.

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