Love Deeper Then Pain

Depressed Poetry

I see this fallen angel,

broke his wings when I left.

Leaving his side,

my only regret.

Remember, my angel,

your still in my heart.

No matter what happens,

your stitched in my veins.

Smile for the good times,

that we always shared.

Never forget all the nights,

we stayed up talking too late.

My feelings were always true,

I never spoke a lie.

I gave you my heart months ago,

but I torn our love apart, I know.

Forgiveness, I dont deserve it,

but for your friendship, I ask.

My love for you runs deep,

healing the cuts of the past.

Always there for me,

when no one else could bother.

Wiping away the tears I cried,

as love seemed to pass me by.

Though I must wave goodbye,

you'll always be remembered.

You made an impact on this life,

that could never be forgotten.

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