Catch Me, I'm Falling

Love Poetry

Echoing throughout my heart,

forever makes its mark.

Drowning inside the love,

held deep within our hearts.

Watching as this magic takes place,

guiding our hands to a new land.

Our own private sensual world,

together for all eternity.

Wishing so badly that I could show you,

I only have eyes for you.

There is no one else on this earth,

that I could love as much as this.

Looking deep within, I can see,

all our future holds is this bliss.

The world surrounds us,

as we share our first kiss.

Falling further by the second,

more in love with you then before.

Eternity slowly making its grasp,

around this love growing fast.

We fell from Heaven one day,

put on this earth to find each other.

To show the frozen cold world,

that love does still exist.

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