Forever Kind of Love

Love Poetry

I'm more in love with you,

then you could ever imagine.

I've got so much in my heart for you,

that I can't begin to express it.

Sitting here right now,

your all thats on my mind.

When I close my eyes,

I can almost hear you smile.

Recalling the sound of laughter,

escaping from those lips.

Remembering everything you said to me,

on that last phone call of bliss.

Used to be so alone,

living in some dark corner.

Then you came into my life,

and brought with you a rainbow.

Just being with you,

feels like the first time I've truely smiled.

Knowing in my heart,

this is that forever kind of love.

All my dreams are coming true,

I see everything I've ever wanted in those eyes.

I've found love with you,

more complete and true then ever before.

Nothing has lifted me up to those stars,

the way that you seem to do.

Nothing has taken such a hold on me,

as you have since I met you.

Nothing has ever ment as much to me,

as you do right now.

Forever and always,

I give you the love in this heart.

May we always have eachother,

in this forever love together.

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