Beneath The Moon's Light

Love Poetry

For eternity we shall be

drowning inside this bliss

a love thats neverending

just like this kiss

my darling you have given me

the most precious gift of all

the gift of true love

that which will never fall

in your eyes i see

more then i could ever be

my dreams come true

only when i think of you

the only thing that has ever

made me feel like my life was worth living

is whenever i think about you

and the life we will pursue

I have spent way too much of my life

searching for love to give it up now

I will never release you from my heart

but watch as you float beside me

so dream of me tonight my darling

let sleep overcome your mind

drift off into our wonderous place

and join your hand with mine

for as the blankets caress my every curve

and i close my eyes at the end of the night

inside my head stand just us two

dancing forever beneath the moon's light..

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