The Worth of Love

Love Poetry

holding you close inside of my heart

never to let go of this dream i see

true love never faulters

and in your eyes i see only me..

gliding upon the clouds at night

flying high above the world

where pain never touches

the true at heart which fly above..

with eyes so bright i see you

like a candle in the dark

placing you on a pedestal

high above the rest..

giving you a place inside

of my ever growing heart

handing you all the love i hold

to keep you warm this night..

everything you've done for me

i never could repay

even with all the love i give

nothing could compare

to all the fortunes i find in this love

that we will both forever share..

love is one thing that will always be

worth more then all the money in the world

a thing so pure and true

how could it ever not be??

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