Light The Match, I'm Drowning In Misery

Depressed Poetry

This pain is burning through my heart,

I dont know what to do anymore.

My lips are slowly trembling,

I fear for the future of my life.

My hands are shaking now,

I'm worried for whats to come.

There are tears welling up in my eyes,

because I love you so very much.

I've been standing here today,

just soaking in the world around me.

Watching the others live their lives,

paying attention to those trying to ruin mine.

My blood runs cold throughout my body,

I'm so scared of losing you.

My heart leaps into my throat,

what can I do to keep you?

The past seems to be returning,

disrupting this happy life we planned.

I have tears rolling down my face,

I'm lost here without you.

I need so badly to hear your voice,

to calm my bouncing nerves.

I want to hear you say you love me,

so my heart can rest easier.

But instead, I'm here alone,

no way to reassure myself today.

Just dwelling on this past,

thats trying to drown my life away..

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