Broken Hearts And Shattered Dreams

Depressed Poetry

Shattered dreams haunt my nights,

endless battles of what is right.

Can I exist without this torment,

will the pain cease to be?

Locked forever in the past,

my misery is all I can see.

Broken hearts and memories,

trapped inside of my soul.

I've thrown away half of these lies,

gotten rid of broken promises.

Trying to move on and away

from all thats killed a part of me.

Spent too much time today

drowning in my tears.

Wish I could leave behind,

all that frightens me tonight.

Still waiting for love to hold me,

within its neverending grasp.

Wanting so badly to be assured,

that this time, it wont end.

So long I have waited for this love,

that endless kind, so rare.

If this won't work out for us,

I give up on the matters of the heart.

Without the love I feel from him,

everything is dead inside of me.

And without that burst of life,

I waste away, fade into a memory..

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