Screaming Thoughts

Depressed Poetry

this crimson heart bleeds

as I watch your back turn on me

walking away

because I wasnt good enough

Those few moments we shared

I shall never forget

as my eyes flood the earth

I question my worth

were they all better than me?

or is this simply who you want to be?

I scream and curse the heavens

for stealing my angel from me

how could you hurt me again?

Haven't I been through enough?


All I wanted was your heart

was that too much to ask?

A shoulder to lean upon

and arms to hold me tight

Now I'm left alone

with only my thoughts to hurt me

whats the point anymore?

Why fall in love

when I'm just going to get hurt?

to feel my heart collapse

for a few moments of flying


Fuck Lord, give me a reason

to smile for once!

or strike me down now

cause I wouldnt want to live..

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