Not Title Worthy

Love Poetry

With each word that you speak

your grip on my heart grows tighter

I feel like I'm living in a dream world

one in which a sweetie like you

could fall for a girl like me.

I daydream and imagine

what it'd be like being with you

all I can see is our happiness.

The beautiful things you say to me

leave me floating on air.

I wish that I could hug you

close my eyes and soak up that moment.

I feel like I could squeeze you

until your brilliant head popped!

These simple words aren't enough

to express the emotions I am feeling.

I dont think anything

would ever be enough.

My heart fills my head

with amazing thoughts of you.

I wonder what your doing?

I wonder where you are?

I wonder how your feeling?

Am I as happy as you are?

When I look past all that you've been through

I can see the amazing person that you are..

"Chaque jour où je ne vous parle pas est un jour de la tristesse"

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