Cold Hearted Farewell

Memories burn

And ache like over used muscles.

Tears leave behind scars

Like rainstorms of pain.

Being crushed under the weight

Of a friendship straining, close to breaking.

Forgiveness asked, but never granted

An illusion that needs dispelling.

Broken hearted this pain never ceases

An immortal clockwork construct crawling ever on.

Band-aids can't make the bleeding stop

They only cover up the hurt

But still I lay drowning

In this pool of oblivion that sucks my soul.

Fate spiraling out of my own control

A raging storm that I called up.

Feeling helpless beyond my fingertips

A deadly loss of control

But a dream of love is blooming here

But is it just a dream... and nothing more?

My heart screams of eternity with him

But who is he truly?

Could it be the other half of my soul?

I hope he is or I'll go mad.

I've waited forever, this must be true!

Forever's bliss in two months time

My heart is racing, I just can't wait

I feel that this is right

I've found eternity's path.

A trail I'll tread upon forever.

Until my heart fades into dust

But even then, your feeling shall live on.

Yet regret still has its hold upon me

A regret that shouldn't be.

Misery just taunts my mind

A sadness without warrent.

Invading my every thought

You must let them go and live again.

I cannot seem to break away

You who have the strength of gods?

I, who has become so very weak.

When it was you who lent me your srength in my time of need?

Time has changed, and I have fallen.

But some feelings can never change forever, forgiveness forever.

I hope for the return of a smile

A hope echoed by all, for you and them.

Though my life seems unimportant

It reigns above most others.

No one bats an eye while I fall into depression

There are those who care, though they must stay hidden.

Even when I long for their comforting words

But my revelation woud destroy the love you hold so dear

Nothing could destroy something so pure.

But what of his jealousy? What of his anger?

All that can be helped with kindness and understanding.

Neither of which, I've ever been shown

I doubt such a false statement, you once had my heart.

I knew your feelings, my dear; I spoke of another, less kind

Must have been one undeserving of your love.

It was him. It was he who hates me so.

You hurt him with a deep cut to the heart.

Even before I did that shameful thing, I saw no kindness.

You never allowed yourself to know him, or his beauty.

I welcomed him with open arms, yet he denied me

you were judgemental, and not understanding.

And pay for it to this very day with unaccepted apologies

Sometimes in life, you can't take back what you've done.

You never can, an action done can not be undone

Please, allow me to dream that my words are true.

I'll grant you all you may desire, all your dreams and wishes

but you bid farewell with a frozen heart..

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