Moment In Time (Collab)

Dancing underneath the stars

on a warm silent night

Passion exploding from our every move

you arms wrapped around me tight

and everything feels so right.

Your hands caress me gently

as my eyes plead for more.

You kiss me sweetly

safely under the nights sky

A flawless moment in time.

Now where else we'd rather be

expect dancing underneath the stars

hand in hand, you and me.

In you eyes I find a world

where only we exist.

Where our love never faulters

and dreams can come true.

Just when everthing is perfect

and you seem so delicately sweet

A rush of wind comes pst me

as I'm swept beneath my feet.

In your heart of hearts

you found enough love for me

as you fall into temptation

my heart gives itself to you.

Nothing could be more right

theres nowhere else we'd rather be.

Let's take a walk my only love,

hand in hand, you and me.

Hands and hearts walk off

falling for this paradise.

Among the ocean of hate

that surrounds them.

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