Starless Skies(Dedication)

Depressed Poetry

**Dedicated to Jena**

Tortured nightly by demons

surrounding a broken heart.

Longing for a love not found,

the gateway to her endless tears.

Pining for a moment of glory,

to find that which she seeks.

A love to last for all time,

someone to care.

A black rose in the window,

darkened skies with no stars.

The silent tone of emptiness,

screaming through the walls.

Her wings have faded with time,

she's falling from a dream.

Arms outstretched,

there's no one to catch her.

Walking alone through life,

her strength growing weak.

Clinging to every chance at love,

holding too high, those hopes.

Slicing through her soul,

the sharp tongue of goodbyes.

Neverending heartache,

blinding her from dreams.

A river of blood and tears

soak the path she walks.

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