Breath of Life

Love Poetry

Breath of Life

My heart continues to beat infinity times,

pounding out the name of my truest love.

Held deep within the chambers of my soul,

our shared feeling can only grow stronger.

Pumping throughout endless veins, every

ounce of the love that he has given to me.

Whispers of his dedication for one woman,

consume every shadow concealed in my mind.

Promises of dreams finally to come true,

taunt the nightmares trying to destroy me.

Replacing the damaged heart I once held

with all the love that he feels for only me.

Memories seem to fade with each moment I

spend in the comfort of his loving arms.

Giving me hope for what I almost gave up,

the love of a lifetime, meant to last forever.

In my ears, the only sound pouring through

is the beating of his heart, crying out for me.

My only reply is the gentle thumping of my own

heart, singing it's tune of eternal happiness.

The tears falling from my eyes leave a trail

of the past I once lived behind, as I start anew.

Safely clutched in the arms of my newest love,

and my truest love, by my side for always. <3

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