Can I Be Loved?

Love Poetry

How can I express to you,

the emptiness that consumes me now.

How I look into your eyes,

but they're somewhere else.

Can you feel my heart breaking,

when I sit alone, without you?

Can you see the tears falling,

when I dream of being next to you?

Inside, I fear that I grow colder,

with each moment alone in time.

My wishes to the stars are here,

but how do I know he will stay?

Afraid of what is yet to be,

the unknown future to come.

Will one more soul break my heart,

or have all my dreams come true?

I place my trust in you,

that you will always be true.

Even with the past still knocking

inside of my nightmares.

To melt away at the ice that

surrounds every inch of my soul.

Wanting to know if you still love

the person that I am underneath.

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