Ever Bleeding Soul

Depressed Poetry

Blood and tears, blood and tears

too much wasted on a sorry soul.

So broken and exposed to all the world

Your pain is always your reason

for every catastrophic incident you cause.

Too much wasted on a sorry soul

Theres nothing left inside of me

I've given it all up in those moments with you

given up everything I had for a disappointment.

Theres nothing left inside of my

I'm completely drained of all feeling.

My heart died so ong ago

why must this be so hard?

Im completely drained of all feeling

you took my ability away

everyday I walk around, but inside I died.

I seem so alive and vibrant

take a look inside and you will see I died.

You took my ability away

blood and tears, blood and tears.

I've poured myself out for you

I'm left with nothing, but still you stand.

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