Caged Heart

Love Poetry

Lonely nights lost within

a few teardrops or screams.

Releasing my sorrow, in every

lyric that they sing.

Tired of the past and

all the pain it brings.

I crave the love that

burns deep within my heart.

Wanting the name of the man,

who has captivated my soul.

Giving me a few moments rest

from the usual tortures.

Dare I seek to find this angel,

the true love of my dreams...

Or shall I stay safe within

the walls of fear around me...

Caged away for so long,

I've almost forgotten to feel.

I crave his divine attention,

want his arms to be around me.

Can this man be my protector,

from the pain I hold inside?

Or does my own heart

have to set the past free?

I would give up everything

just to have you at my side.

And as the years pass,

I'll never look back in regret.

But I'll never forget, how my heart

skipped 2 beats when I saw you.

I've waited forever to kiss you,

and now I have until the end of time.

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