Love Poetry

A picture is worth a thousand words

but yours leaves me speechless.

Breathtaking as any sight could be,

the love in your eyes consumes me.

The passion I so long to feel

rages within my soul for you.

Waiting as the seconds drag on

to hold your hand to my heart.

Clutching on to the sanity

that threatens to leave my mind.

Every moment lost here

without you is my hell on earth.

Barely able to contain myself,

wanting so badly to feel you here.

Here standing beside me

so that I may touch true love.

Finally to be near all that

I have dreamt about for months.

Holding my darling angel

closer then ever to my heart.

Whispers drift into the wind,

sending secrets to your ears.

Longing for you to open my heart,

releasing my love onto you.

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