Stabbing My Dreams With These Tears

Depressed Poetry

Keep ripping my dreams apart,

until I can't even breathe.

Hold me down low enough

that I can never get up.

Please, just make me feel

more worthless then before.

Like I could never accomplish

anything I've ever wanted.

Have you ever heard my thoughts

scream out these things to you?

Then why must you always

bring me down to this low?

Why can't I just dream about

finally achiving my freedom?

Must I forever be the slave

that you have made of me?

Write me out a list of things that

you want me to do for you.

Let it be our only communication

so theres never a sliver of love felt.

Allow me to be emotionally drained

and so tired that I can't think.

Never let me hold my head up high

or think anything of myself.

When have I ever wanted

to feel like I'm nothing at all?

Tried so hard just to be perfect

for you in every single way.

I know the stresses and the

hardships that we've endured.

I survived every moment because

I kept all my dreams alive in my heart.

Never asked to be the family slave,

didn't want to do everything for you.

I wanted to have some dreams of

my own, something to smile about.

But I'm always going to be dragged

down it seems, until theres nothing left.

You shoved a new dagger through my already

broken heart, and now I'm dead inside.

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