Starting At The Edge of Innocence

Love Poetry

A candle lit dinner,

half eaten on the floor.

Love songs still playing,

on the radio.

Soft moans can be heard,

from behind the bedroom door.

It started out tonight,

with just a simply kiss.

And now our love,

has lead us to this.

My arms wrapped around you,

in a gentle embrace.

Sliding my hand slowly,

up to caress your face.

A fire began brewing,

as the passion began to grow.

Two hands slipped,

around my waist.

Slowly dragging the t-shirt,

over my face.

Still embracing one another,

as the passion grew.

A hand slowly creeps across,

my breast and down my stomach.

Stopping for a brief moment,

to unbutton my jeans.

Lips locked together,

as we stumble into our bedroom.

You throw me down, onto the bed,

in one swift movement.

Slowly undressing yourself,

right before my eyes.

Quickly jumping up from the bed,

I grab a hold of you,

pulling you closer to me.

Lips wrestling furiously,

as our bodies lose control.

No longer able to be apart,

we join together as one.

Bodies grinding together,

in the heat of this moment.

Pushing your ultimate pleasure,

deeper inside of me.

Faster and faster these hips collide,

breathing harder with each movement.

The heat is rising,

passion's flame burning.

Arching my back beneath you,

in my moment of release.

Whispering softly in your ear,

"I love you more then you will ever know."

What started out as a quiet evening,

has now become our dream come true.

Because as bodies combine,

so do our hearts,

Forever joined in a love so true...

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Daniel Kapaun's picture

Awesome description and voice. I like this because it's easy to relate to this, not just the physical but the passion carried by the lovers. "Sliding my hand slowly, up to caress your face." Really good line, this one and others similar make the reader realize this isn't a one night stand kinda thing, it makes them believe that these two really love one another.