Farewell Beating Heart

Depressed Poetry

Can't think of what to do,

or even try to say right now.

My heart lying next to me,

shattered like so many times before.

Can it be true,

you've found someone else?

I'm barely holding on

to a prayer that I'm dreaming.

Please tell me it isn't so,

that your heart still beats for me.

I feel myself slipping away,

no more grasp on reality.

The one I hold closest to my heart,

is letting go of our love.

Do I have anything else to life for,

what joy could tomorrow possible have?

My life has been lost again,

to my own stupidity.

I let the past push us apart,

and I lost the love in your heart.

My tears are the pain that I suffer,

alone in darkness I now sit.

Contemplating how to say goodbye,

to the deepest love I've ever felt.

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