I LO{hate}VE YOU

Depressed Poetry

(aka split personality romance)

I fear my heart is torn,

not between two lovers,

but rather love vs hate.

The uncontrollable anger,

that leaves me drenched

in my own river of tears.

The endless smiles

consumed by laughter,

which light up my soul.

I see into his eyes,

so dark and lost,

saturated by a deep hatred.

Yet soft and tender,

filled with hopes, dreams,

and the desire to be loved.

Cautiously, I open my heart

to both sides of this man.

Praying that somehow

it will all work out in the end.

Jealousy taints my mind,

close my eyes to picture

him secretly teasing another.

Love blinds me as

I dream of his kindess,

unique in it's sincerity.

One side loves to loathe me,

the other lost without me.

Torn between the jagged line

separating love and hate.

I can't picture my life

without him by my side.

But how much more can I take?

Give him a few more moments,

and he'll remind me again

why it is that I love him so deeply..

and then why he breaks my heart.

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