My Unanswered Cries

Depressed Poetry

It's been months of freedom for myself

not a single bouncing thought of you.

A few shed tears have dried upon my cheek

the screams for understanding are now a faint whisper.

Lucky me to have gotten over you so quickly right?

but yet again I have fallen upon a broken heart.

My heart craddled the impression of his face

and my lips remember the taste of his own.

Once again to have fallen into the screams of the night

to dream of the times he's made me laugh like no other.

Crashing from one broken heart to the next

my world collapses around me like an avalanche.

Someone elses words reach me in a faint whisper

"your hearts as big as the world"

Here in lies my predicament when I fly towards love

when my heart tumbles, the tears burn like lava.

Building him up inside of me, the perfect one

I should have known my only destiny.

To fall and live amongst the shadows of love

where love forever dies and broken hearts barely survive.

You think you know the love my heart produces for him

but in all truth you seem to have forgotten such an emotion.

In my own perfect world, he was the god I worshipped.

When love flew out of my heart, it flew into his own

but now, his heart is no longer accepting my love.

My once finally dried cheeks are tear stained again

the screams fleeing from my soul can be heart

my heart with it's ever growing crack has now split

my cries for love have fallen upon deaf ears.

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