Imprint of Fate

Love Poetry

Your love pours into my heart,

warming my entire body.

Feeling free to roam the stars,

with your hand placed in mine.

One kiss to give us flight,

into the shining sky above.

Jumping from cloud to cloud,

as we fall deeper into love.

Within dreams we soar,

beyond the limits of life.

Becoming more then lovers,

now to be husband and wife.

Confined to two silver rings,

A promise of everlasting love.

The moment our souls united,

remembered forever in our hearts.

Deep into your eyes, I gaze,

drowning in the deepest love.

Overwhelmed by a new desire,

to feel your hands caress me.

Indulge in my heart's request,

for love to leave me breathless.

Upon a dream I float into your arms,

dancing beside our eternal flame.

Joined together by the angel of fate,

as cupid's arrows pierced our hearts.

My eyes have fallen upon your smile,

as it left it's first imprint on my heart.

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