My Endless Nightmare

Depressed Poetry

Creeping into my restless mind

upon your throne of torture.

How dare you haunt me still,

as I try to pick up the pieces.

I crave to dry the tears

that never seem to end.

But you refuse to let me forget,

your eyes always burn with rage.

Tossing and turning,

praying for an escape.

Your touch still stings,

even in my dreams.

Your voice seems to amplify

as I fall deeper into hell.

Her pleas to save me

flying past your ears.

i recall the screams of torture,

as my eyes cried endless tears.

you tell me its all lies,

but you forget, I was there,

standing on the staircase.

the veins beneath my skin boil,

every time your face comes into view.

my heart stops beating,

as you open your arms wide,

I hide my hatred and fall into them.

Inside your arms

I'm supposed to find comfort,

instead I feel deceit.

Years have past and i cant forget,

the nights you crucified my heart.

Still your locked within my mind,

as my dreams fall to nightmares.

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