Surrounding Me Tonight

Love Poetry

When you are down,

it rains in my world.

When your happy,

the sun shines so beautiful.

I'd take away all your pain,

and give it to myself.

That smile of yours,

I so deeply crave.

All that which is beautiful,

I can see shine in your eyes.

Even more precious to me,

then a view of our beloved stars.

Everynight I watch the sunset,

I feel you beside me.

As my eyes close tonight,

I will feel your arms around me.

Listening to the sound of your voice,

I fall weak to your love.

You are all the surrounds me,

in a world of chaos.

I see you in every sky,

and I feel you in every wind.

So close and yet so far away,

from this breathtaking sight.

I'm putting everything I've got,

into making this love last.

I've given you my heart,

this was just the start.

Theres so much more waiting,

in my life for only you.

More thoughts to share,

and more time to show I care.

Soon hearts will collide,

and love with explode.

Prepare yourself my love,

for this love runs deep.

Forever, thats all the time we have.

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