My Heart's Desire

Love Poetry

Hide me away from the world,

don't let them see what aches inside.

Keep me under lock and key,

don't let them see whats broken.

Forbid their eyes to glance at me,

don't let them judge me this way.

Keep it a secret, that I even exist,

don't let them start searching for me.

I don't want to be here dying,

this slow and painful death I live.

I want to roam free around the world,

theres so much I want to see.

The beauty that's been hidden

from these eyes for so very long.

The dazzling sky as the sun sets,

the perfect view for just us two.

The tenderness of your hands

as they gently caress my face.

The tears that build up in my eyes,

feeling love for the very first time.

My heart aches with a desire

that I have never felt before.

The desire to feel his love

as he wraps his arms around me.

May I be able to feel safe,

within that protective layer.

My guardian angel will keep me

safe from the pain of this world.

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