Temptation's Drowning Kiss

Love Poetry

Every tear drop falling

down my cheeks.

A water line of kisses

from the angel of my dreams.

So close to my arms

but far away still.

Holding on to the love

you have poured into my heart.

Not forgetting every triumph,

all the hurdles we have conquered.

Months have slipped right by

in the blink of an eye.

The day's now long,

buring my impatience.

Counting down the hours

until I become yours.

To hold true love's hand,

gaze into its loving eyes.

My heart races with thoughts,

dreams of you near me.


by my own temptations.

Flickering moments,

hands slide across skin.

Visions dancing,

inside my heart and mind.

To be with you,

each day I pray.


make all my dreams

come true.

Just let me be

close to you..

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