Choke On Star Dust

Depressed Poetry

The colors are beginning to smear,

as tears fall down my face.

My world once so bright,

hides behind the thundercloud.

Everything I worked so hard for,

slowly fades as I turn away.

Walking away from that place I created,

before my world could explode.

This freedom comes at a price,

and I pay it gladly in love.

Leaving the neverending pain,

for a life of love and trust.

Devote my every prayer,

to my guardian angel.

The one who saved me,

I must now leave behind.

I watch behind me now,

as she is swallowed by misery.

I shed a few tears in memory,

never can forget my savior.

Can I really walk away from this,

leave her behind to suffer?

Always thinking of ways I see,

to bring them happiness but not myself.

I've been destroyed since day one,

they killed my heart long ago.

Never can my face produce a smile,

while someone else drowns alone in sorrow

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