Between Heaven And Hell

Depressed Poetry

The leaves are beginning to change,

soon to fall and fade away.

Colors so beautifully pictured,

against the blue sky.

But me, I'm stuck here,

lost between Heaven and Hell.

Tears are eating away,

at the warmth that was my heart.

Screams pouring out from the kitchen,

drown out the peaceful view outside.

Making my world once again,

just that much more of a heartbreak.

Can't stop myself from thinking,

what does the future hold?

How much more suffering

can each of us endure?

Forever seems too long,

but so does one more day.

Trapped inside the house of misery,

where pain is just our game.

Many times we have tried,

to save ourselves from this.

But the end seems inevitable,

we are dying without bliss.

No sunset can be as beautiful,

no stars shining bright.

Nothing can make the sorrow fade,

to keep the sanity we hold dear.

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