Steal My Heart

Love Poetry

You think your the only one whose lonely,

like my heart dont ache everyday.

Truth is I can't live a day without you,

close to me in one form or another.

If I can't feel you near me,

as I drift off into a dream.

Darkness will surround me,

and I would lose control.

Just keep holding on tightly,

to this dream of you and me.

Pray that nothing happens,

to stop such a luxury.

Listen to my voice as it soars,

across the miles to reach you.

Feel me beside you in the wind,

as it dances around you.

Look to the sky with me,

I'm staring right into you.

Gazing upon the soul,

hidden behind those eyes.

Never have I seen such beauty,

though you refuse to see.

I will praise such a golden heart,

for all of my days on earth.

I wish that you could see,

all that lives within you.

But I will settle for telling you,

each and everyday that its true.

The way you have captured my heart,

is with all that your soul contains.

It's that glory inside,

that stole my heart.

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