Whisper of Love

Love Poetry

I want to rip my heart, still beating,

out of my chest and give it to you.

I cant think of any other way to show you

that you are all that holds my heart.

In the wee hours of the morning,

and all day long, its just you

dancing around in my head.

Out of nowhere you appeared one day,

jumping right into my life.

I let you take me away,

on this endless journey of love.

Never a second of hesitation,

I know this will last.

I've almost lost you once already,

and I will never let it happen again.

My heart ripped itself open,

but it made me realize just how much

you truely mean to me.

I feel as though without you,

I have nothing left here on earth.

Without you by my side,

I would crumble to the floor,

tears surrounding my lifeless body.

You mean more to me

then the moon and the stars.

You make my soul complete.

I would give anything to keep you

here forever with me.

Just love me sweetie,

and stand by my side.

I promise you forever,

this love will never die.

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