Watch The Sparks Fly

Love Poetry

Lost in a sky of sparks,

watching the colors dance

in the light of your eyes.

Your hand intertwined with mine;

eyes locked on eachother.

I dont dare look away,

even to see the fireworks fly.

There are enough sparks shooting,

between you and I, to steal my breath away.

The colors spilling across the sky,

can't captivate me the way that you do.

Long after the fireworks end,

I'm still lost in you.

Gazing into those endless pools

of love, that stare back into me.

A single tear

makes its way down my cheek,

because of the love I feel

while staring inside of you.

So look not at the sky tonight,

look to me and see,

all the powerful glory that shines,

in the love between you and I.

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