Our Fairy Tale Ending

We live our lives inside each others hearts

we are one a hand in hand

Miles between never separate

those who love one another with the fullest of devotion

love is like a rush that flows through your heart

Simple thoughts that come to mind when I think about you

it is you that flows within my veins.,

the reason for my survival.

every tear erased with a simple thought of you.

you bring joy to a life of pain.

You cast not only happiness but

true love throughout my entire being

You bring fullness to a life of unknown hunger

your love fills up my empy spaces that once held but anger

you are the only one who could ever unlock

these secret passages inside of my heart.

Leading me deeper into the passions of true love.

Expanding my ability to love with all my heart.

You complete my very soul.

If I was to die this night I know within my heart

that I will be in yours for all eternity....

as for the tears you would cry we would share

as we always do when either of us feel like crying

if you were to die this night love,

my soul would perish.

lost among the wreckage.

I would seek you out

among this wreckage

and fulfill our destiny

as we are one with true hearts

always and forever my dear,

for nothing could rip apart

a love as true as ours.

So very true

Waiting to hold you so that

we both may sleep at night

only if you promise to never let go my love

Without the terrible screams of the night

to wake us..... I shall forever hold you my love

with you, i can do nothing but smile.

6 months and 2 weeks to go

every minute feels like a lifetime

every hour seems like eternity

though every heart beat with you

is a priceless gift

as every moment with you will be my lifetime

and each word heard is a treasured wish

of love and and happiness that stands true

throughout all of time,

the fairy tale ending finally comes true.

A queen and knight shall bow their heads

and offer a thanks to everyone

who has helped bring these two hearts together.

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