Heart To Heart

For a breathless kiss placed gently

upon your lips as if kissing silk

for the sound of my pounding heart,

pulse racing as you come near

the quickening of blood races throughout my entire body

as my skin touches yours an embrace that lasts our entire

lives through

the soft gentleness of skin touching skin

in the most loving of ways,

a moment simply indescribable

As heated animal insticts take over one another in fury

that loves explosive state will eventually

drive both our bodies insane

as the body temperature rises and the

gap between bodies disappears,

love flows so elegantly towards one another in

a dance of desires

Desires of molten sweat and tears of joy hearts

pounding uncontrollably rhythm sensual

exploiting inner secrets sweetest sounds

interlocking bodies intence love making for nothing

could hold match to their awesome pounding passions

in a neverending passion of expression of love,

never any experience comparing to the love

blending in with this moment.

A soft gentle caress of like none ever felt

my lips will never take another except yours

as my heart has found this one true love, forever it shall be..

never shall i leave this place that you've created for me..

in my heart of hearts i gaze, and all i see is you..

the completion of my broken soul has been found in you.

If I was to die tomorrow I would die a happy man

for your love can never be matched by another nor replaced..

For my spirit has found a place of such

warmth by your eternal embrace

if you were to die tomorrow,

my heart would forever bleed..

the love that i have found in you,

no other can exceed.

My wings are yours for eternity will always keep us as one..

Our love holds a very strong bond reaching out

across openly into each others different worlds

allowing us time... Time to grow in our trust and

love in hopes of a brighter and happier future

that will stand the tests of others pushing us

apart with their thoughts and words of disagreement

for in this world we have made

There will be times that others will try their damndest to split us up

I stand before God and the Devil may witness my deciding heart

shall always be yours and belong to no one but you

and forever mine shall only be for you. :')

I, John Bistak, declare my life love hopes dreams

happiness and soul to you Erin

as I declare my everything to you love

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