Once A World Apart

Love Poetry

Beauty beyond what the eyes

could ever dream to see,

beyond what the heart

could ever hope to feel.

Dancing among raindrops

of the clearest skies.

Engulfed within a love

that the world cant tear apart.

Past brokenhearts and lost dreams,

lies the truest love in life.

On my knees I beg of thee

to open your heart to my soul.

Love knows not boundaries

of either age nor distance.

Only what the soul desires,

and the wishes of destiny.

Longing for the love

that fills the soul with happiness,

endless smiles, and no more tears.

The soul with the deepest patience,

guaranteed to find the truth.

A gathering of two lost souls

brought together by destiny.

My darkest knight, he who

saved me from eternal damnation.

Captured the love inside my heart,

and brought my soul back to life.

I, his Queen, who breathed

life back into his broken heart,

in hopes of someday healing all

the pain his past has left behind.

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