Teasing Dreams

Love Poetry

Clouds blur into nothingness,

staring into his deep brown eyes.

Awareness slowly disappearing,

captivated in a world behind his soul.

A heart floating between two lives,

exiting my body, searching for his.

Devoted to finding a better place,

been falling apart for too long.

Waiting for just the right moment,

to slip inside of his delicate soul.

To touch every inch of his love,

feel every beat of his sweet heart.

Dreaming of the soft pillow screams,

etching their way throughout his mind.

Wanting to feel the passion between

two souls desperately longing to connect.

imagining a moment of pure ecstasy,

joining their souls for all eternity.

Dwelling inside of it's own deepest dreams,

a floating heart sees it's only chance.

Escaping through our connected eyes,

a leap to the depths of his aching soul.

Slowly mending the cracked pieces,

that memories have started to destroy.

Bleeding new love into a broken dream,

shouting passion from it's soaring mind.

Pleading with the gods of eternal life,

that this soul be left for only myself.

Craddling his deepest secrets with care,

creating new dreams to tremble his lips.

Holding close his desire for much more,

gently teasing the heart beating in his chest.

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